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Health Promotion

A group of student Peer Health Educators wearing matching yellow t-shirts stand in front of the Student Health and Wellness building and form hearts with their hands.

The Office of Health Promotion's (OHP) mission is to foster a healthy University community and support optimal student health and well-being.

Guiding Practices

  • Collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and external partners
  • Employ evidence-informed practices
  • Positive, Inclusive, and Empowering (PIE) interventions
  • Utilize peers as educators
  • Address the three prevention populations (universal, targeted, and indicated)

Health Promotion Services

Health promotion and education services are also pre-paid as part of tuition and fees. Services include educational materials, health consulting visits, special events, outreach presentations, and patient education, along with information and referral services. All of these health promotion services are provided by either professional staff or specially trained students called Peer Health Educators.

Sexual Harm Prevention

The University of Virginia aims to prevent sexual harm in our community through a variety of initiatives and evidence-informed interventions. These efforts include education and awareness programs, internships, interventions, and applied research. Through this work, we are creating and sustaining a community of care and sexual respect.  

Overall, we frame our work with a paradigm of sexual respect, which affirms an individual’s exercise of choice regarding their own self, body, and sexuality and promotes a culture built on trust, communication, and healthy relationships.

To learn more, please visit CavCare - UVA's comprehensive website on sexual harm prevention and response" or something similar with the following hyperlink: 

Request a Workshop / Event

We offer the following workshops by request during the academic year. Request any of the following workshops for your group (please submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance):  

Hoos In The Know Workshop (alcohol and cannabis)

Let’s talk about substance use in a judgement-free space. We’ll explore alcohol & cannabis safer strategies, the social norms that exist at UVA, and how to respond to emergency situations. Presented by the Peer Health Educators (PHE) - 60 minutes. Request this workshop.  

Hoos Got Your Back Workshop (bystander intervention)

This program focuses on how to have each other backs through the '3Ds' of bystander intervention. Everyone has the power and responsibility to make UVA a safer place and this program can equip students with the knowledge and skills to do so. Presented by the Peer Health Educators (PHE) - 60 minutes. Request this workshop.  

SexFest Workshop (sexual health)

Let’s talk about sex baby! This highly interactive program gets students out of their seats as they explore sexual health messages, debunk common myths, and learn about safer sex strategies. Presented by the Peer Health Educators (PHE) - 60 minutes. Request this workshop

Collaborative Consent Workshop (sexual harm prevention)

So often students are told what consent is not, but not what consent is or how to communicate about it! This program seeks to address this knowledge gap by utilizing a new, relational framework to communicate consent. Students explore key aspects of consent and how it applies to various situations, including when alcohol is involved, and practice ways to communicate it.  Presented by the Sexual Respect Outreach Interns. 

30-60 minutes. Request this workshop.  

Healthy Relationships Workshop (sexual harm prevention)

How can we tell if a relationship is healthy or not? This program explores what makes a relationship healthy, abusive, or somewhere in between. Students are invited to work together to examine behaviors and situations in their everyday lives and reflect on how to build meaningful connections and community. Presented by the Sexual Respect Outreach Interns.

30-60 minutes.  Request this workshop

Recovery Ally Workshop (for student groups OR staff)

Recovery Ally training will provide attendees with evidence-based education to better understand the process of recovery, help confront stigma related to addiction and utilize appropriate language when discussing substance use disorders. Participants will also learn about available resources on Grounds and best practices to help those in need access services. E-mail Jen Hall to request a workshop.  

Teaching Kitchen Classes

Cooking classes are available for individual sign-ups OR group requests. Click here to learn more. 

Tea with a PHE  

This is not a traditional outreach, but rather a great supplement to any event you're already having! PHEs will serve tea while taking the time to check in and promote self-care and wellness by having open-ended conversations.

Do you have a special request that is not included in the list above? Please complete this form and someone from our outreach team will reach out with you to discuss if we can accommodate your request.